Brass/ Bronze Casting

We sand cast a variety of brass / bronze alloys. Brass / Bronze castings are well suited for applications where properties such as durability, corrosion resistance and appearance are important.

We offer secondary services such as machining, polishing and powder coating.

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Aluminum Castings

Our aluminum foundry has decades of success and growth in producing high-quality aluminum sand castings from design to completion in different sizes in any production quantity. We offer a wide variety of flexible Sand Moulding Processes and Techniques.

Most common alloys such as 319.1, 356.1 and 713.1 are poured from alloy specific furnaces.

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  • Highly skilled in the art of producing brass, bronze, lead-free, and aluminum sand castings
  • Flexible manufacturing process in which we can produce small or large runs capable of producing very large aluminum castings
  • Providing value added features such as machining, heat-treating, powder coating, assembly, or any other required operation
  • Producing our own tools and aiding customers throughout the design process capability to service customers with die-casting requirements

Our Capabilities

  • Full range of automatic, hand and floor molding equipment
  • Shell and air set core production equipment
  • Rotolift molding
  • Full sand shop and lab
  • Induction melting
  • CSA Z299.4-85 Quality policy
  • Value add services such as machining, polishing, powder coating
  • Kanban and in house stocking programs to ensure "always in stock" ability
  • 3D printing capabilities